Fire Fusion Tribal Bellydance

Fire Safety

General Info:

  Safety is the most important aspect of fire performances.
Our Performers and Safety Staff maintain 100% accident and injury free performance record by following strict safety guidelines and adhering to very rigid standards of safety and preventative maintenance.

  We maintain performance insurance, and can provide an additional insured certificate, by request. We will meet any additional safety, fuel storage, or equipment requirements necessary to comply with venue or city/state regulations.

  Our troupe director studied fire dance and fire safety for over a year before deciding to perform professionally. She has performed professionally with fire for nearly a decade, and has worked as a fire safety tech at the Stratosphere Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Fire/ Safety & Spotters:

  Fire performance is mesmeric and enchanting, but it is also dangerous; fire is a force of nature that can be wielded but never completely controlled. Our dancers and safety staff (spotters) follow stringent guidelines in the proper use and inspection of props and tools, as well as fire prevention and proper extinguishing techniques. We rigorously train in proper fuel containment and safety procedures, and are well versed on proper first aid techniques should problems arise. We are committed to providing the safest possible performance experience.

Venue Information:

  With fire comes smoke, please be sure the area is well ventilated and large enough to accommodate desired fire props. Spatially, there needs to be enough room for audience members to keep a safe distance from both the fire performers and the safety staff. The audience must be kept a minimum of 15 feet away from the performance area. A fuel station area will be set up and marked off at least 25 feet away from the performance area, behind a wall or stage area, in another room, or outside behind the venue. For indoor performances, the ceiling height should be a minimum of 10 feet with an automatic sprinkler system installed and adequate ventilation to clear the air of residual smoke.


  All of our equipment is provided through reputable, trustworthy sources, made of high quality materials and thoroughly checked before and after every set. Our costumes are carefully chosen of natural, tight knit fibers, or treated for safety, and fitted as appropriate to the fire prop used. Fire extinguishers and blankets (16oz. Duvetyne), as well as wet towels when appropriate, are present whenever fire is being used. All of our props are available for inspection by the Fire Marshal, and our performers are available to demonstrate competency in the props used for the performance prior to the show.


  We use pure liquid paraffin and white gas (lamp oil and camp fuel) or a combination thereof for most of our fire props. All fuels are stored in accordance with the codes and regulations set forth by the local fire department.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available by request for fuels and wicks used.

Additional Information:

For more information, feel free to contact us.